I TRIED not to laugh. I really did.




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I love Kit-Kats in the US, but nothing beats a Japanese Kit-Kat. I really like the flavored ones the most.

Fun Fact: there are over 200 Kit Kat flavors in Japan (Source)


what if one night they were having a huge fight and John accidentally shouted at Sherlock “I wish you were still dead!”






Nedra Phillips wearing Tia Lyn @ The Annual Full Figured Fashion Week NYC 2014

i need it????!!!??!

holy god

Sweet JESUS! Get it girl. GET. IT.

Last time I shared a post about big women being beautiful, I got some responses that indicated some followers had never in their lives seen women like them being portrayed as desirable.  So I’m doing it again.

This bears repeating.  You may look at a woman—maybe yourself—and think, “There is just no possible way she could be considered beautiful.”  Because she does not look like the women who are offered up to us as beautiful.

But make no mistake: we are being TOLD that those women who’re offered up to us are beautiful.  We are being TOLD that women who don’t look like that AREN’T beautiful.  In non-verbal cues of lighting, fashion, the reactions of one fictional character to another, this is not simply some spontaneous or evolved cultural agreement that fat is ugly.  This is a marketing campaign.

Because marketing is all about defining sexiness, and then selling it.  Is cola sexy? Give Coke’s PR department a bit, and they will make it sexy, and then you will want to buy it because marketing is all about making you desire.  Marketers manipulate and control the definition of desirability, and IT CAN CHANGE.  It can change at a moment’s notice.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Garfield can go from long-necked weird-looking dorks to international sex symbols with a single poster.  It is not a mistake or a coincidence that ‘sexy’ has gone from being a concept of sexual desirability to become slang for ‘a concept appealing enough to get people to buy into it.’

If you think you are not beautiful, it’s because you are being told so.  The line standing between you and being a beautiful, desirable woman, or man, is not your looks.  It’s not your body type or your health or your muscle/fat ratio.  It is a photographer’s skill at framing and lighting and a well-paid beauty consultant’s application of cosmetics and styling in a way that we have been conditioned to recognize as markers of sexual appeal.

What PA said, but also: these pictures, and this model, are literally breathtaking. I can’t stop looking at her. I’m having a classic “do I want to do her or be her” moment.




pooh-bear and piglet

holy shit



Achievement Hunter: A Summary. 



My dad just said: at your age you’ll probably wanna try a lot of things. Boys, girls, being a girl, being a boy, being punk or goth or spunky. And im okay with that. As long as you don’t come home and tell me youre a republican

parents who care

la belle et la bête + costumes





A real statue in Holland. Although it is a statue of Father Christmas, locals will call it butt plug gnome.

god bless butt plug gnome

'tis the season?

Butt Plug Gnome. He’ll stuff your stocking?



a baguette in the butt would be a pain in the ass

i’m unlearning french


saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa

male celebrities for Emma Watson’s #heforshe

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